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  • The jewel should be cleaned regularly, washing it with soap and water using a soft bristle brush, then rinsing it with warm water. On the other hand, creations with leather parts must be cleaned with a soft cloth. It is recommended to bring your jewels to the Boutique, to have them cleaned, checked and repaired by our experts.


  • It is also advisable to remove jewelry before going to sleep, before practicing any sport activity, when washing hands or using corrosive products. Avoid contact with perfumes, alcohol, cosmetics, ammonia and chlorine. Keep the jewelry away from excessive heat sources and avoid exposing them to sudden changes in temperature.


  • In order not to lose or damage the jewelry, carefully place them in the original packaging or bag after use, avoiding contact with other jewelry as this could cause scratches. The chains must be closed and extended to prevent them from tangling.


  • If the jewel suffers blows or bumps, the setting may require a check. Avoid forcing fasteners, hinges and metal elements and make sure that the buckle and safety locks work correctly. If in doubt, it is advisable not to wear the jewel and to have it checked by one of our experts at the Boutique.



Precious and semiprecious stones play an important role in the world of Astrology. There are many theories indeed that link gems to stars, a knowledge coming from ancient India.

Astronomers and nature researchers scholars discovered affinities between zodiac signs and some of the best known stones centuries ago. According to this science, the stones and our birth are united under a specific constellation, and by wearing the right stone you get protection from the negative influences of the planets. Wearing the stone of your zodiac sign helps you improve your well-being, achieve success, find love, be more confident, control your feelings, increase concentration and is an invitation to Fortune. Discover the stone destined for you at our Boutique.