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The diamond is made up of carbon, with covalent atomic bonds, making it the hardest material in the world.
The hardness of the materials refers to the ability to resist abrasions and scratches, not the ability to break, so we can say that the diamond is hard but at the same time not indestructible.
The diamond is born only when particular temperature and pressure conditions occur: 1300 ° -2000 ° C, 70 tons / cm2.
These conditions can only be found at depths greater than 150 km, and the time required for its formation is very long, from 800 million years for the youngest diamonds to 3.3 billion years for the oldest.
The diamond is therefore an amazing millennial history of growth and perseverance concentrated in a few millimeters of surface.



There is a close relationship between stones and zodiac signs. There is a close relationship between the stones and our birth under a specific constellation There are many scholars of the past who tell us this, within their ancient books, began to give the first indications on how the stones are related to a person, born under the influence of one constellation rather than another.