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All of our diamonds equal to or greater than 0.30 ct. they have the international GIA or IGI certifications.

An authentic diamond must always be accompanied by the certification issued by a professional gemologist. The certificate is a real identity card of the stone and summarizes its weight (carat weight), color, size and evaluates the cut.
If we want our jewel to be of proven quality, it is important that the stone is certified by competent laboratories and accompanied by a certificate issued by a professional gemologist.
The certification of a diamond offers ease in the evaluation and comparison with other stones. Reading the certificates it is in fact quite simple and fast to evaluate and compare two stones.
The Gemmological Identification Certificate is a declaration containing a series of data, characteristics and classification of diamonds, extrapolated from laboratory analysis.
These analyzes are performed by qualified technicians, gemologists enrolled in the register, with the aid of special tools.
Consumer protection is therefore absolute as it confirms the authenticity and sets the specific features of the stones objectively and competently.
Not to be underestimated is the use for insurance purposes; in fact this document is essential for a correct calculation of a possible insurance premium or in the case of a refund request

G.I.A. certification
The American Gemological Institute (G.I.A.) was founded in 1931 in Los Angeles, California. The peculiarity of this institute, which has made it known throughout the world, is that it has created and introduced today’s International Classification System. In fact, the method created is known as the “4C”, that is: Cut (Cut), Clarity (Purity), Color (Color) and Carat (Carat). These are the key elements for valuing diamonds around the world.
The peculiarity of the G.I.A. is its certificate, valid internationally and is among the most prestigious ones. Their laboratory is responsible for analyzing the stone and laser marking the certificate number on the belt. It is the main internationally recognized certification entity for the classification of colored diamonds.
For more information visit the G.I.A. (

I.G.I. certification
I.G.I. certified diamonds are those evaluated by the International Gemological Institute which is based in Antwerp, and that is why this beautiful city is considered the world capital of diamonds. The institute has other branches around the world. A team of gemologists analyzes purity, color, cut, brilliance, shapes and sizes, releasing the I.G.I. The laboratory seals the diamonds and sets no limits on carat weight.

The Kimberley Process
The Kimberley Process is a certification agreement designed to ensure that profits from the sale of diamonds are not used to finance civil wars, helping to protect the legitimate trade in rough diamonds.
The major countries of the world and the multinationals producing diamonds participate, which guarantee, under the aegis of the UN, that the profits from the diamond trade are not used to finance civil wars.
All the diamonds distributed by us respect these credentials and the certificates of origin attest the entire path of the stones, guaranteeing their origin and all the steps.
37 countries are part of this agreement, organizations such as the World Diamond Council and the multinationals that extract and trade diamonds.
In order to become part of this agreement, some requirements must be met:

  • that the diamonds from the country are not intended to finance rebel groups or other organizations that aim to overthrow the government recognized by the United Nations.
  • that each exported diamond is accompanied by a certificate proving compliance with the Kimberley Process scheme
  • that no diamonds are imported from, or exported to, a non-Kimberley Process member country.

Ethical diamonds: diamonds free to be worn
Buy with confidence our diamonds that are subjected to the Kimberley Process: rough diamonds are sealed in tamper-proof containers and we provide certification that they come from sources without conflict relationships, through a rigid system consisting of non-documented documents, forgeries and serial numbers. Documentation is re-confirmed whenever a rough diamond crosses an international border.
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Precious and semiprecious stones play an important role in the world of Astrology. There are many theories indeed that link gems to stars, a knowledge coming from ancient India.

Astronomers and nature researchers scholars discovered affinities between zodiac signs and some of the best known stones centuries ago. According to this science, the stones and our birth are united under a specific constellation, and by wearing the right stone you get protection from the negative influences of the planets. Wearing the stone of your zodiac sign helps you improve your well-being, achieve success, find love, be more confident, control your feelings, increase concentration and is an invitation to Fortune. Discover the stone destined for you at our Boutique.