After Sales Jewelery


Our commitment is to offer customers the highest level of jewelry care services. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the interventions to be performed on the jewels, to personalize them, repair them, or simply preserve their original beauty and splendor.
For any questions or to request information about our services, please contact customer assistance by email [email protected] or fill out the online form or go to our Boutique.

Cleaning and polishing services
It is recommended to bring the jewels to our Boutique annually, to have them examined and restored to their original splendor. After a careful evaluation of the characteristics and conditions of the jewel, our experts may recommend a simple cleaning service, ultrasonic cleaning or polishing, in order to remove surface scratches and thus preserve the luster over time. For white gold jewelry, the polishing service could also include the addition of a thin layer of rhodium to enhance the brilliance of the metal. As part of each service, a rigorous quality examination is carried out to ensure that the stones are firmly set and that functional elements, such as buckles and safety locks, are functioning correctly.

Engraving service
The service allows you to customize a jewel by engraving a name, a date or a personal message on the precious metal based on the space available and existing technical constraints. Performed by a jeweler, the engraving service is offered free of charge if requested at the same time as the purchase.

Measurement adjustment service
This service, which can be performed on bracelets, necklaces, chains and rings, allows you to increase or reduce the size of a jewel, within certain limits, without altering its aesthetics, comfort and quality. However, some jewels have an exclusive design that does not allow to change the size: this is the case for example of Pomellato and Dodo jewels because they are not made to measure but a new jewel of the correct size is ordered.
In any case, please contact our Boutique to obtain more information about the adjustment and adaptation possibilities of each model.

Earrings service
The clip of the earrings can be adjusted for greater comfort. The adjustment increases or decreases the tension and the pitch of the clip and consequently, the seal on the earlobe. In most models the pin can be added or removed.

Repair service
Each jewel is a precious creation.
As such it requires adequate care when handling and wearing it, in order to preserve its original splendor over time. If the jewel suffers blows or bumps, or if it shows signs of damage, it is recommended not to wear it and to have it examined by an expert at our Boutique. Our experts will take care of the jewel, carefully checking the setting, the correct functioning of the buckle and the aesthetic details.
Furthermore, to restore the original beauty to the jewel, it may be necessary to replace missing parts and repair / rebuild damaged parts. The experts will provide a quote on the type of service that must be carried out on the jewel, and only after acceptance by the customer will they proceed to carry out the necessary intervention in the shortest possible time.



There is a close relationship between stones and zodiac signs. There is a close relationship between the stones and our birth under a specific constellation There are many scholars of the past who tell us this, within their ancient books, began to give the first indications on how the stones are related to a person, born under the influence of one constellation rather than another.