A watch is a precious and exceptional creation.
We recommend having it serviced regularly by our watchmaking experts. In fact, adequate maintenance will keep the watch’s performance and durability unchanged.
For any questions or to request information about our services, please contact the customer support by mail [email protected], from Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:30, or fill out the online form or go to our Boutique .

Basic service
Our qualified watchmaker technician will verify the correct functioning of the watch by checking its water resistance and the functions of the movement.

The service includes *:

  • motion control;
  • possible replacement of all gaskets (sealing elements that guarantee waterproofing);
  • gear control and regulation (mechanical watches);
  • ultrasonic cleaning of case and metal bracelet;
  • any waterproofing test (air and water tests);
  • full 48 hour test.

All repairs are covered by a 24-month warranty. The warranty covers the intervention performed on the watch and the necessary spare parts, while it does not cover damage caused by accidents or improper use (bumps,etc.).
The repair guarantee is absolutely independent of the guarantee provided at the time of purchase.

* Replacement of additional worn components not included in the service will be billed separately.

Polishing service
The service allows you to restore the original brilliance of the watch.
All the external parts of the watch, including the case, the bracelet, the crown, the buttons and the clasp, are separately polished for a perfect restoration. Each polishing operation removes a thin layer of metal. The maximum number of polishes may vary depending on the use of the watch. In any case, it is recommended not to exceed seven polishes during the life of the watch. The service can only be performed in conjunction with basic or complete maintenance services.

Bracelet services
The free service includes:

  • adjustment of the length of the bracelet by adding or removing links;
  • replacement of the leather or rubber strap or the metal bracelet;
  • adding extra holes where possible;
  • closure adjustment.


Any repairs or replacements of worn components not included in the service will be billed separately.



Precious and semiprecious stones play an important role in the world of Astrology. There are many theories indeed that link gems to stars, a knowledge coming from ancient India.

Astronomers and nature researchers scholars discovered affinities between zodiac signs and some of the best known stones centuries ago. According to this science, the stones and our birth are united under a specific constellation, and by wearing the right stone you get protection from the negative influences of the planets. Wearing the stone of your zodiac sign helps you improve your well-being, achieve success, find love, be more confident, control your feelings, increase concentration and is an invitation to Fortune. Discover the stone destined for you at our Boutique.