Our roots date back to the late Nineteenth Century, with the profound artistic inclination of our ancestor Frediano Chiocchetti (Lucca 1871 – 1960, I generation). After his first studies, Frediano was welcomed into the workshops of well-known Florentine and Lucca masters of the time, where he devoted himself with passion to the art of engraving and chiseling. Favorite pupil of the great goldsmith Nicola Farnesi (Lucca 1836 – 1904) and scholar of the work of the French master Eugène Fontenay (Paris 1823 – 1887), Frediano creates numerous works of sacred art, still preserved today in public and private collections, including the Vatican. Due to his particular skills, Frediano was commissioned to teach drawing at the Lucca school of Bishop Giovanni Volpi (later the “Istituto degli Artigianelli”), where he remained for several years.

In 1896, his brother Angelo convinced him to combine commercial and artistic activities. Thus, the Ditta F.lli Chiocchetti was born which in 1912 moved to its current location, at number 20 of the historical via Fillungo. With the advent of the First World War, his brother Angelo and all the other employees are called up and Frediano brings in his, still young, son Alfredo (Lucca 1902 – 1993, II generation) to support the company. Once the conflict ended, Frediano went back to devoting himself to his chisels and burins in his own workshop, expanded with the production of high-end jewelry, leaving the management of the company to his son Alfredo. In 1919 Alfredo decided to open a summer branch in Viareggio which, in a short time, became a meeting place for illustrious personalities such as Giacomo Puccini, Lorenzo Viani and other exponents of the artistic-literary scene of the time. Unfortunately, the beginning of the Second World War and the German occupation forced its closure in 1942.

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The artistic energy and production of the company F.lli Chiocchetti restart with renewed vigor after the difficult post-war years. In 1974 Alfredo was succeeded by his son Frediano (III generation), who had already frequented the company and the laboratory of his namesake grandfather since the adolescence, in parallel with his economic studies. An entrepreneurial spirit, Frediano decides to explore new markets during numerous trips around the world. Thus enriches the boutique’s offer with precious stones, unique pieces and antiques, establishing direct and lasting relationships with top-level suppliers.

In 2011, Alberto (IV generation) joined the company, after becoming a graduated gemmologist from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the San Diego State University, with the aim of continuing the family business, looking for the right balance between tradition and innovation. 



For over a century we have been offering artistic creations capable of satisfying every particular need, proud of the attention we pay to our customers through personalized assistance and advice.

The F.lli Chiocchetti’s boutique is the focal point for those seeking excellence in professionalism combined with continuous care for the selection of high-end jewelry and watches. Here you will find legendary brands, unique objects and pure stones.

Our boutique is located in Lucca in the historic via Fillungo, where we offer our customers a wide selection of jewels and precious objects, with particular attention to unique pieces from the early Twentieth century, an historical and magical era. 

We are proud to have been Official Rolex Dealers for more than 50 years, as well as being Authorized Dealers for the Tudor brand and for the Pomellato and DoDo jewelry collections. A large department of antique and contemporary silverware further enriches our offer.



Our centuries-old experience has allowed us to acquire the sensitivity necessary to understand the mood and desires of our customers to satisfy their every need. With inspiration, promptness, and delicacy we are at your disposal to advise you on the style or the type of jewel to celebrate every type of special occasions.

Passion, competence and reliability are the most precious heritage of Chiocchetti jewelry, since 1896; discover a company that has always been committed to renewing is own tradition of excellence by offering the best ‘ancient and modern joys’. We are at your disposal for every need.


The project that the Chiocchetti family has carried out combines history and tradition with the contemporary, expressing a style of timeless elegance.

The historic hall, the original entrance to the jewelry store, has kept its centenary look. The historic external showcases made with painted iron profiles have been restored and integrated with a new type of lighting. In the main entrance, the internal window frames of the showcase have been redesigned, using thin iron profiles and tempered glass with the original decorations. The room is covered with a fabric made by the English company Osborne & Little, which envelops the surrounding space, while the display cases protrude and display the precious objects inside. The showcases are finished in brushed brass, a material that we find in the ceiling of the room, in the counter and in the coffee table illuminated by the Noctambule light by Flos. Next to the main room we find the new Rolex corner, a concept created by the Milanese studio 1Unicum.

From the main room you can reach the first floor via an elegant wooden staircase, where the Silverware room has been restored and the new laboratory of the Rolex Service Center is located.