Size guide


The ring must not be too tight on the finger but not even slip off.

Be careful. Before measuring your finger, you should consider that with an excess of heat the hand can dilate and with intense cold it can contract. This detail in some cases can cause the size of your ring to vary by different numbers. Another condition to consider is the time of day, because from morning to evening the size of the fingers also change considerably.

For this reason, we recommend that you measure your fingers at different times of the whole day. To measure the diameter of your fingers you can use our band gauge.

If you need to make a gift, we recommend that you get a ring from the person concerned, so that you can measure it with our ring gauge.

We also take care to specify to our dear customers that the Pomellato and Dodo brands differ in size from the other brands. In the individual cards you can view the specific ring sizes for each collection. Our Customer Service is always at your disposal for clarifications and suggestions.



There is a close relationship between stones and zodiac signs. There is a close relationship between the stones and our birth under a specific constellation There are many scholars of the past who tell us this, within their ancient books, began to give the first indications on how the stones are related to a person, born under the influence of one constellation rather than another.