Each timepiece is a unique and valuable item. To preserve its beauty and flawless functionality over the years, we recommend to follow our maintenance tips.


  • Keep the watch away from excessive heat sources and avoid exposing it to sudden changes in temperature (sauna, whirlpool, spa, etc.).


  • To protect the watch from magnetic fields, it is recommended to keep it away from powerful magnetic sources (microwaves, X-rays, speakers, etc.).


  • Avoid violent impacts. It is not recommended to wear the watch when playing sports such as golf or tennis, which could cause blows or jolts on the wrist, except in the case of models intended for such purposes.


  • After adjusting the time and / or date, the crown of models with screw closure must be well tightened to prevent external elements such as dust or humidity from entering the case. In order not to damage the movement, especially the date mechanism, do not set the date between 21:00 and 03:00.


  • Before any contact with water, check that the crown and buttons are properly closed. Do not activate the watch functions underwater, except in case of models designed for diving or water sports.


  • Waterproof watches should be rinsed with lukewarm running water whenever they come in contact with salt water or chlorine. The water resistance of watches worn in water must be checked every 2 years to ensure the good functionality of the seals. Avoid contact with perfumes, alcohol, cosmetics, ammonia and chlorine. Always store the watch on soft surfaces.



Precious and semiprecious stones play an important role in the world of Astrology. There are many theories indeed that link gems to stars, a knowledge coming from ancient India.

Astronomers and nature researchers scholars discovered affinities between zodiac signs and some of the best known stones centuries ago. According to this science, the stones and our birth are united under a specific constellation, and by wearing the right stone you get protection from the negative influences of the planets. Wearing the stone of your zodiac sign helps you improve your well-being, achieve success, find love, be more confident, control your feelings, increase concentration and is an invitation to Fortune. Discover the stone destined for you at our Boutique.